Willem Breynaert en Hallveig Agustsdottir

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Collective Drawing


Drawing is a language we all learned to 'speak' at a young age and we were all smooth sign makers once. Not everyone still uses this way of communication later in life (with the same amount of courage). Apparently we have lost this 'daring' somewhere under pressure from the co-author-speaker, evaluators or cultural expectations of 'what should look like'.


This workshop aims to focus on (re)discovering and experiencing this pleasure, the daring and the eagerness to draw babbling, scribbling lines and shapes. The emphasis is strongly on the drawing language and how we can draw together.


We carry out various assignments in groups, in which collective drawing is central. It is not the individual result of each participant that takes precedence, but the common search for the language of the signs. In this case, the joint signs will each time form one collective whole or piece of work. Signs that we can make with light, long sticks, stamps, scissors, tape, pencil, ink, ... etc. To subjects that we will find around us in Destelheide and in our memory.

Max 12 participants

Hallveig Agustsdottir

The relationship between visual art, music and sound has provided enormous inspiration and motivation to the visual and performative work of artist Hallveig Agustsdottir for over 20 years. And, with the simple way of drawing - the action of drawing - Hallveig creates her own sound drawings often collaborating with other art forms; such as music, word and dance. Hallveig's thoughts and lines have also been following a second path for several years - the hiking trail. A few years ago, when she reconnected with the environment of her Icelandic childhood, spontaneously recognizable motifs of plants and flowers started to grow in her sketchbooks. She also characterizes her very own way of drawing as an interesting language (just like Icelandic or Dutch) with which to express herself and thus to be able to enter into conversation with the viewer again and again.



Willem Breynaert

Willem is a draftsman and visual artist in search of the language of drawing in all its manifestations. In addition, Willem is a teacher at Hogent/Kask, where he opens the eyes of fine art students to the world of images and much more. Willem is a loyal guest at the Summer Academy, who up to now you could find on the organizing side.