Eléonore Pinet Bodin

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"I love the idea that bodies tell a story. Each individual carries within them their own identity, their own truth that has been shaped by their experiences, memories, where they come from etc… My work seeks to find, as an interpreter, a way to nourish the movement by making visible what animates us inside to become talking bodies."

Eléonore Pinet Bodin


During the week we will work on imagination, how to let emotions and images emerge, integrate the face and the word to nourish our dance. We will cleave to the idea that our body is a playground that must be explored with the curiosity of a child. It is important to be open to everything, ready to give and receive without expectation. We work with what we are and what we have.


Through notions of 'games' or states of play, we’ll learn how to let ourselves be surprised, to take risks and not be afraid of the danger, to give ourselves to the other while maintaining a deep awareness of listening. We’ll pass through the grotesque to go towards accuracy and precision.


In order to arrive at this point, our body must be extremely aware, alive and agile.

Max 12 participants​

Workshop given in English

Born in France in 1993, Eléonore Pinet Bodin is a professional dancer graduated from the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon.


She has been working with many different choreographers and companies in Europe and Asia notably with Wies Merkx and Konstanz Theater, Judith Sanchez Ruiz company, Nicolas Maloufi, Rob Hayden, Agostina D’alessandro Gecko Theater company and she’s currently working with Michèle Anne de Mey for the recreation of « Sinfonia Eroica ».


She regularly works in India as a dancer and teacher for the “Moksha” festival and “Integrated dance space” in collaboration with Rahul Goswami.


In addition to dance, Eleonore has received musical training as well as theater. Two practices that she uses for her own research and creation.