Steven Fillet 

Visual Project
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Today we are inundated with images.
That's not news.

What is new is our relationship as perceiving people with the overdose of images. We can say without a doubt that saturation is occurring. Not so much in the sensory reception of so many images, we can handle something with our eyes, but the saturation shows itself in the loss of our critical attitude towards the image we behold. An image-critical attitude is certainly hindered by the amount of images that our eyes have to process.


During this workshop we will look for why some images spring from the dance of the masses. When does someone become a Visual Artist? What is my own visual language or how do I develop it? As a Visual Artist, do I have to add images and if so, what requirements do I set for my image?


Starting from two well-known images from art history with an iconic value, we go in search of the effect of an artistic force on those images and search for our own visual language. And how do we use that artistic power in our own practice as a visual artist?


© Piet Vranckx

“Steven Fillet is a conscious natural person who lives on the cadence of the seasons and connects art production to it that plays like a beautiful echo with the quoted reality.”

Luk Lambrecht


Steven Fillet is a draftsman, painter and visual artist who does not like compromise but goes straight for the image and who is always looking for the power of visual language.​​