Frederik De Clercq

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© Piet Vranckx

Take existing sounds and work them up into electronic music

How do you create a piece of music using field recordings, or inspired by them? And if you don't have any money for samples or synthesisers, make them yourself!
At the Summer Academy we go out into the field (sometimes literally) to make sound recordings and become aware of the sounds around us. 
Once we have pricked up our ears and made the recordings, we explore the feelings or pictures that they call up inside ourselves, and consider what each sound can be used for.
We then use Ableton Live to turn the sounds into electronic music by means of sampling and sound processing. 
The focus in this workshop is on creating a piece of music, but if anyone wants it is also perfectly possible to work towards a live performance of these pieces.


Frederik De Clercq is a composer-musician and audio maker. 
Since 2016 he has mainly worked as composer, songwriter, singer, producer, etc.  He creates soundtracks for the theatre, audio fiction, audio documentaries or advertising, advises and guides social-artistic projects and takes the stage as a performer with his own music projects. Several of his works have been produced on the stage and/or radio stations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.
His "instruments" include arrangements, beats, synthesisers, guitar and sound processing (sound effects, sound editing, field recordings etc.). He himself specialises in sound processing, synthesisers, samplers and creating unusual timbres to make soundtracks with a unique nature.