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Artistic. Groundbreaking. Creative environment.
These are a few words you could use to describe our Summer Academy.
Although refreshing, intense or disturbing could also apply.
For more than 20 years De Veerman and Destelheide have been joining forces to offer roughly a hundred creative souls a framework and an opportunity to immerse themselves in an art discipline. 
Artistic research, experimentation and creation, that too is the Summer Academy.
Eleven workshops.
Seven days long.
In the green surroundings of Dworp, near Brussels.
An artistic working week in which you are guided by professional coaches and can find inspiration in yourself, the other, the environment.
But in which you mainly make it happen yourself.
For everyone from the age of 18 with creative energy.
And certainly: for those who do not want to be held by their hand, but are looking for challenges to rejoice in their own practice.


De Veerman (The Ferryman) is an artistic place where, out of love for and belief in the arts, people are being challenged and stimulated to explore new shores. Throughout Flanders the team focuses on a variety of artistic disciplines: dance, image, theatre, media, music, literature...


The docks where we moor our boat are inhabited by infants, children, teenagers, adults, new and old Belgians, unconventional target groups, in short: we include all the elements of a richly diversified society.


De Veerman is certified  as an arts organisation  by decree of the Flemish ministry of culture and has a focus on education and participation within the arts.

The Ferryman


Destelheide is a unique residence center for youth, art and creation in Dworp, with a clear vision: to offer young people, youth work groups, educational institutions and socio-cultural organizations from home and abroad an inspiring and enriching stay in the middle of greenery.


Dharts, operating from Destelheide, is the art education service of Destelheide. Dharts is developing an artistic living environment in Destelheide by organizing rehearsal weeks for artists, inspiring exhibitions, artistic training, projects with Brussels organizations and international meetings.



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