Wederik De Backer

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Scenario + acting + directing + editing = Podcasts

A what? A radio play? Isn't that something from a distant past?

The radio play is a form of storytelling almost a century old was hopelessly written off as old-fashioned – until a few years ago.

But then the podcast arrived and the audio story was given a new lease of life.


This workshop is hard work: you will be devising, writing, acting, directing and editing your own radio play. 

It is a form and a medium in which you can experiment to the full, whether you are writing, directing or producing. Audio actively encourages trial and error.

It is also a workshop where you need the others and they you.

Max 8 participants​

© Piet Vranckx

Wederik De Backer makes audio fiction and documentaries.

He won the Prix Europa in 2017, a prestigious European media prize, with his Ghent production Almanak, His productions have found their way to radio broadcasts in Flanders, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA.

In 2019 he made Leopoldpark, a satirical fiction series for WDR (D), and De S53, a radio documentary about transmigration on the train between Gent and Beervelde. He has just completed Moeders Ten Laste af, a podcast series for Radio 1. At the moment he is writing a new radio play for WDR and is working on a film documentary about three young people in a care home.

Wederik is also one of the driving forces behind the podcast Plantrekkers, some episodes of which have found their way from the web to national broadcasters in Belgium and the Netherlands.