Karel van Ransbeeck, Ugo Dehaes en Gertjan Biasino

Technology Class
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Atelier Organic-Robotic

Tinkering and game studio by Ugo Dehaes, Gertjan Biasino and Karel Van Ransbeeck In collaboration with Theatre De Spiegel and Cc Gasthuis


In society we manipulate a lot of electronically controlled objects and we are influenced by technology. Even in the past, there was an early need to develop a world of its own with automatic replicas, mechanical toys and even moving machines.

But who manipulates whom? In this studio we actively research the translation of human movement aspects into technical creations. We're fiddling with old electrical equipment to see how to convert it into new useless machines. We focus on the inventive reuse of home-garden-and-kitchen equipment to create new “Unuseless” machines. How and, what can we tell through these objects? We also learn how to work with new electronics, such as Arduinos and small motors, and ableton programming. Tools such as 3D printing, meccano and Lego Technics are available to build prototypes faster.


Apart from the mechanical aspects, the technical figuring out, soldering, assembling and programming of all these machines, we mainly pay attention to making these robots more organic or the emotional aspect of these robots. How can we give human or animal aspects to pure mechanical movements or automata? By using softer materials such as rubber, latex or stretch fabrics, fur, but also incorporating lights, sounds and communicating sounds, we hope to develop surprising creatures. During the process, we immediately test these new creatures in small public moments for young and old.

Max 6 participants​

(Only 6 participants allowed in collaboration with 6 artists in residence of Theatre De Spiegel)

Ugo Dehaes is a dancer and choreographer. After his studies at PARTS, he worked with Meg Stuart for 3 years before founding his own company, Bad Blood. Since 2000 he has been touring with his productions at home and abroad. After a performance with autonomous flying drones, his focus began to shift to technology, and Ugo became a choreographer of things. Since then, Ugo has learned to build and program robots himself and is looking for ways to replace his dancers and himself with machines and artificial intelligence.


Gertjan Biasino is always looking for the synergy between different media. At the same time, Biasino creates a compelling and poetic force to confront spectators with the limitations of human perception and observation. He knows how to reconcile the idiosyncratic with the accessible, making the world that arises in his installation performances accessible to a wide audience. Gertjan Biasino studied Audiovisual Arts (Experimental Film) at Sint-Lukas Brussels, where he focused on combining film with theatre, performance and visual arts. In addition to his own work, Biasino collaborates with other artists at home and abroad. He specializes in real-time video installations combined with moving objects and practical effects. He always finds ways to tell a story with a combination of technical finesse and subtlety.


Karel Van Ransbeeck is not a techie but has been constructing imaginary worlds all his life that touch on figure play, object manipulation and visual moving work. Karel is the artistic director of De Spiegel, a company that makes performing arts for the very young, babies, toddlers and preschoolers and their adult supervisors. His fascination for communication through children's play, movement, objects and music creates magical theatrical connections between artists, very young and less young spectators.