Stijn Vranken

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© Piet Vranckx

The wealth of language

Can we capture everything in words? Obviously not. 

But it is still ever so wonderful to try.


In this workshop, we immerse ourselves in the richness of language. For seven days, we will bask undisturbed in it fluidity, rhythm, breath-taking sharpness and sometimes its delectable incapacity.


We will create the space to work on our own texts with peace of mind, but also to experiment freely and to explore and try out new forms. Do you doubt whether your thoughts are poems? Would you like to try the stage or tinker with column, a piece of prose? Anything is possible – surrender to the challenge and be amazed.


We will explore your unique voice as a writer. Where does your literary power lie? Are you a razor-sharp quick writer or a patient puzzler? How does your own personality colour and hone your text?


Under the inspiring guidance of Stijn Vranken, we will explore, together and individually, how language drives us, how it invents reality in our hands and sometimes embraces a human being.


Stijn Vranken is a poet and a performer. He has published four books of poetry and a graphic novel. In addition to poetry, he also writes theatre texts and takes to the stage with his own performances. He is also the founder of De Sprekende Ezels [the talking donkeys], a monthly experimental stage event for poetry, music, comedy and other performing arts. From 2014 to 2016 he was the poet laureate of Antwerp.