Dominique Kenens

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Drawing comics and comics

Comics have been an Art for some time, but we are looking for what the visual story can mean for other arts. 'Stripped' also means 'stripped of casings'. We strip open various media to discover new insights.


Painters who want to work narratively, photographers who tackle the photo novel, writers who convert their own story into a visual story (without being able or willing to draw for that reason!), graphic artists who elevate repetition and grid to art, musicians who are inspired by sequence or onomatopoeia…


The possibilities are endless, but also unpredictable. To this end, style and form characteristics of the visual story are mentioned, discussed and applied daily, together with the participants, in order to discover how these open new doors in other art forms.

Max 8 participants​

Dominique Kenens is a cartoonist, illustrator, visual harvester and comic-obsessed. He is also an art teacher, gives comic strips workshops, and is working on a fully-fledged comic strip education in the DKO. His fascination ranges from conceptual comics to underground comix, from graphic novels to classics from the European, American and Japanese traditions, but also and above all a love for an unknown, unloved, but layered medium.