Els Baeten

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© Piet Vranckx

Screen printing

A technique as old as the hills is now back again. 

Discover the many possibilities of screen printing by using a range of techniques. 

But most of all: engage in a visual dialogue with each other and respond with your design to the design of the other.


"Screen printers are colour whisperers and print magicians" a journalist from Knack (a weekly news magazine) once wrote. 

Whisper and to conjure along and discover the most diverse methods of creating your image: collage techniques, drawing, cutting paper, lighting objects, stencils ...

Get to know repetitive printing and then discard this technique to discover random side effects.

Go completely wild in the PrintJam and devise the design process together with others.

Both individual and group concepts are discussed.


Els Baeten  is graphic designers and just mad about screen printing..

She is the founders of Gezeever, the open screen printing workshop at De Veerman, a  place where silkscreen fans come to print their own work. Gezeever is not only a shared studio, but also a place where people can come together to exchange ideas and techniques.